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Even if you know today’s adorable blog, maybe click back to find an adventure you don’t remember.  ^_^  Here’s a little Christmas story from 2009.


It’s December already, can you imagine?  I love advent calendars so I’m going to try one for my blog this year.  For the 24 days of Christmas, you’ll find cute online presents here!  Enjoy!

From the Pottermore website.

My heart dropped when I saw this because you can’t switch houses unless you get a new account.  But actually, everyone in Slytherin is really nice and supportive!  And nary an insane Snape/Malfoy/Voldemort fan-girl in sight!  🙂 Hope you guys get put into Slytherin, too!  We need more people so we can finally beat those stupid Ravenclaws once and for all!  Slytherin for the house cup!

For those of you who didn’t make it into the beta test for Pottermore, you could only pick your username from 5 randomly selected choices.  All the names were obviously computer generated from Harry Potter related words (NightWizard, GhostAuror, RiverHex, etc. ).  And some sounded way more computer generated than others.  (FangErised?  What is that?)  I picked SandCat because it sounded like it was a real animal.  (“Now, caught on film for the first time, the elusive Albanian sand cat.”)

And I can’t believe I didn’t look this up before … but it IS a real animal!!!!

Public domain photo of a sand cat by Adrian Pingston.
Taken from the WikiMedia Commons.

Aren’t they cute??  They’re a very small wild cat, closely related to our domestic cats.  They live in arid deserts from West Africa to Pakistan.  More info at wiki.

This is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in ages:

My acceptance scroll from

I don’t even care if Pottermore is any good at this point.  I’m just stoked I got early admission!!

I’m sure that image is copyrighted to Pottermore Limited, as it’s obviously not my own.  😛

DAY 17: Best eyes:

Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  I think she was one of the first princesses where they really focused on facial emotions, instead of just making her pretty.

Image from Disney Wiki

Amanda Palmer started out as the lead singer for a band called the Dresden Dolls … which is apparently quite popular … but I only heard of her when she released a solo album in 2008.  There was a stir on many feminist blogs over the video for the first single off “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” because the label wanted to re-edit it to cover up how “fat” she is.  I’d never heard of her so, of course, I had to watch the video

She’s an another artist I like because her songs aren’t pretty pretty; they’re raw and emotional and authentic.  There’s a haphazardness to her lyrics that makes me feel like she’s singing about real things from her life .. instead of just a vague “I’m angry~ Rawr~” or a “girls with guitars are HAWT~”.  This is one my favorite tracks:

Palmer also wins points because she’s married to Neil Gaiman.